Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rebirth- Side Effects

Side Effects:

Have you ever noticed the condition of the world has a lot of negative side effects. The consequences to the negative side effects all stimulate from the condition or traditions of the world that reflects our mind set.

Medications have many negative side effects. Medications that are pure have no side effects, they are design for the human condition. 

When you condition yourself to whatever pure are lovely in a non-perverting way there are no negative side effects or negative consequences to the condition.

Are you tired of having sides effects. Hi I'm Trey Knowles director and transformation coach for Crossing Sides. I would like to welcome you to our free exclusive coaching program called Rebirth. Rebirth offers the process of action to over come and heal from adversity through the power of the Lord that gives us strength.

Side Effects-Process of Action:

Take a week to write down and focus on your negative sides effects. Find out why your negative side effects are not positive. Think about how can you change your condition or behavior that causes the negative side effects.


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